Over the past weekend, I was browsing tickets for my favorite NBA team “The Golden State Warriors”. Interestingly, while looking at the schedule on a website, a different website on my browser started to show availability of tickets for the championship games.  That was spooky.

Welcome to third-party behavioral profiling.  My data from the site with the schedules transferred my behavioral data to another site without my permission.

Come Jan. 1st, 2020, the GOLDEN state changes it all.  The new California privacy law CCPA targets websites and advertisers who transfer information without your permission along with other regulations that will disrupt the adtech ecosystem.

So, any company with over $25M in revenue or has over $50,000 consumer personal information records need to be ready.  Unicorns, marketplaces, gig economy companies, even advertisers dropping off cards at your doorstep need to be able act on a consumer request on what to do with their data.

Companies need to have a clear and conspicuous “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link on their website. Companies should stop selling consumer information as soon as a consumer requests it.  Now, comes the definition of “selling”.  What if Facebook does not sell your data but, its advertisers use Facebook’s algorithms to target you.  Well, Facebook is monetizing your data indirectly so, does “sell” regulation apply here?

In addition to DO NOT SELL, companies should have the abilty to inform the consumer their practices in handling user data, explain consumers’ rights and list the categories of personal information that the company has collected, disclosed or sold within the previous year.

Now, there are 47 million residents in the golden state and while this number maybe small, their online activity at thousands of apps, websites who are not necessarily headquartered in California or even in the US, makes the law far reaching,

So, first step, make small change to your website to help consumer make a personal data subject request, identify how you collect, where you store and whom you share the data with so, you can gain trust of your customer.

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